Dear clients and friends, 

The health and well being of our team members and our guests are our main focus and during these unprecedented times. We are actually in our normal state, a very clean space, and clean air has been our norm from the creation of ALLWOOD MRKT cafe.

At ALLWOOD MRKT Cafe, we have always been ultra-clean – ensuring our space is not only sparkling and sanitized, for our team and our clients, but that the air itself is clean and HEPA filtered – which is why we installed a Dyson air purifier since opening February 2019, as well as a central purifying unit throughout the  central ventilation system. 

During the early days of COVID, March we installed a plexiglass divider at our coffee bar. This allowed for us to serve our clients while keeping a safe barrier between us. Now, after Toronto’s newest Face Covering Bylaw, this divider is legally there to protect the staff and the clients – allowing our team the freedom of not having to wear a face-covering indoors all day.

The bylaw states: “Employees and operators of the Establishment, are exempt from wearing a face covering, when in a designed indoor area not for public access, or within or behind a physical barrier.”

These two indoor locations are within our kitchen, which Is not designed for public access- as well as at our coffee bar, which is behind a physical barrier.

We believe there is nothing more important than each other’s health and wellbeing – and this is why, based on scientific research, we know that wearing masks all-day is counter-productive to our staff’s health. Due to this, we have opted to follow additional safety precautions instead. These are some additional changes we have made::

  • Indoor counter service only – behind plexiglass physical barrier.
  • No table service 
  • Increased Social Distancing 
  • Outdoor seating only
  • To-Go Food and beverage packaging
  • Individually wrapped disposable cutlery
  • Regular hand washing and surface cleaning

See you soon.

With Gratitude,